Who Are We?

Zach Witter (co-creator/co-host)


I just love playing video games, they’ve been such a huge part of my life since I was a kid!

One of my first prominent memories as a child was playing Super Mario Bros 3 with my dad in our walk-up apartment in Boston. Ever since then, I’ve continued to play & love video games.

But now that I’m a bit older (just a bit), I’ve taken to analyzing why I love video games. After analyzing through our (Joey & I) mutually favourite game, Megaman X, it dawned on me; I need to do this kind of analysis for every game I’ve played (or haven’t played!) It made the experience of playing the game that much more satisfying knowing why I was enjoying the good, and feeling frustrated with the bad. Take a listen to some of our episodes, and you’ll hear my enthusiasm come through, I promise!

Otherwise, I’m a pretty standard white guy.


Joey Pearson (co-creator/co-host)

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-15 at 4.12.49 PMHey. I’m Joey.

Oh I said that already, sorry. I’ve never been a man of words, which is why my life has been encompassed by visuals and sounds – like video games!
Zach and I have been collaborators since we were kids (fun fact: we have the same great-grandparents). So, with my background in music, and Zach’s background in being awesome and hilarious, we decided to start a podcast!
Favourite game (other than Megaman X): Super Mario World. That game is ingrained in me. I remember every little secret, I can beat it with my eyes closed, and I don’t even know how. I guess I learned Super Nintendo instead of English when i was a toddler.
Every other minute of my life is spent making music.

Paul (ominous editing overlord)

ProfileLittle is known of Paul. He remains elusive and working behind-the-scenes. When not working on the podcast, his downtime activities include playing D&D, MTG, designing, and just generally lounging around.”