On My Time



This isn’t a long game, nor is it even a memorable game. What it is is a great example of an arcade style game transitioning to a home console properly.

Released in 1991, this game is an on rails shooter to the core. You are thrust into a nondescript space ship and need only the basic understanding that everything else on the screen is a bad guy.

Internal edit: Nvm there IS a story (thanks wikipedia)

“The game is set in the year 2089, where Earth has become unable to support life due to humankind’s ignorance. The Earth Council has turned their attention to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter – a place virtually untouched by civilization. But a hostile race of cybernetic beings has taken up residence there, and if humankind is to survive, the infestation must be eradicated…”

Just soak that all in folks

The beauty with this game comes in how quickly everything moves (which is critical for an arcade style game). When you move forward, you feel like your ship is really accelerating (moving at 448 speed!! such speed). When enemies come at you, they fly directly at your face & instinctively make you flinch (or maybe that was just me?). When you die, your next ship quickly & nonchalantly moves onscreen and you continue your fight near instantly. You run out of lives? It quickly boots you back to the title to try again. And what ties it all together is the fact that the game itself is only 8 stages total.

Granted the gameplay isn’t that deep. You get access to a laser weapon and, starting in level 2, a charge shot that tears through enemies. That’s it. No missiles, no special weapons to speak of. This could piss off hardcore shoot’em up fans considering that really diminishes the strategy available.

Come to think of it, this would be the perfect game to have as an app on your phone…can someone port this to the Google Play store for me? Or at least build a time machine, and port this to my TI-83 plus?

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