On My Mind


Have you ever taken a walk on a road, that you may have walked hundreds of times, in reverse? Or have you ever walked that same road while facing backwards? Probably moreso the former, I’d assume unless you’re incredibly confident.
Now, what the hell am I talking about? Well, strangely enough, I’m talking speed running video games… follow me on this one.
I’ve played MegaMan X probably dozens of times, I may even consider it a tradition to play it once a month. But it wasn’t always this way. Speed running redefined how I can pay games. I’ve always stuck to the engrained rules of the game, never deviating. And that’s fine, for 1 or 2 playthroughs. But what if I want to reengage with an older game in a new way, one that makes the experience fresh again without paying $60 for something that’s close but not enough? Guess I’m screwed right? Wrong.
Speed runners self imposed rules change the dynamic. From disallowing certain items, to restricting whole gameplay strategies, speed runners make old games fresh again. Try playing MegaMan X again, only this time you can only use the not upgraded mega buster. Now we’re talking. The whole game is different but you’re still on the same game you know and love; just like that old path you may have walked hundreds of times before.
So like I’d mentioned in the beginning, if you’re feeling bored with a game you used to love, try walking that path again… backwards.

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